Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last posts for now

A few shots from a second alarm that my department assisted on. Working fire in a grain tower. I hope to get more active with posts again soon. Just had alot of stuff going on..

and some more yet

Some shots of a boat fire that my department assisted on. First arriving Chief arrived with a well involved speedboat, toyota pickup truck and smoke showing from a 2 story garage

Some shots from Tropical Storm Lee..

Some shots through out the Lancaster area after Tropical Storm Lee..I was kinda hoping the two idiots that drove around the barricade and through the water would have gotten stuck..

More stuff

On September 10th, Lafayette Fire Company was dispatched for a reported building fire at the Historic Conestoga Inn Restaurant. Units arrived with a working fire in the duct work and some in the roof. This call is somewhat bittersweet as one of my long time friends passed away in the line of duty 15 days later while conducting a live burn

Some more stuff

On October 31st, my department was dispatched to assist Blue Rock Fire/Rescue on a gas leak. About 90 minutes into it, an explosion destroyed a house and what was the former John Herrs Market in Millersville.

Still around..

Back on September 11th, I participated in the 9/11 stair climb that was held in Lancaster. I am walking with 2 members of my department. I am carrying the helmet of a friend of mine who was a retired career shift commander for Springettsbury Township Fire and about 2 weeks prior to this, had passed away from cancer. I climbed 110 stories in 59 minutes. Not too bad I thought, I plan on doing it in full gear next year

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parade and a Job..

Hey all,

This past Saturday I took my son to the annual Harrisburg Irish Day Parade in the Capital City. Weather was a little chilly, but overall it was nice.

                                       One of the bagpipers warming up
                                              Past and future

The premire truck company in Harrisburg, being driven by none other then Brad Myers Of Brad Myers Photography

Later on that evening, I talked to Brad and I came up to the station and visited with him and Brian Bastinell(Of Brian Bastinelli photography) We were sitting in the kitchen talking when we found out about a large fire in Reading PA in a warehouse. Did not think too much of it, was on my way home when a friend called me and told me he was heading up to get photos and he had a friend on the scene still confirming heavy fire. So I decided to go up and this is what I saw..

A 51,000 square foot 3 story vacant furniture warehouse, well off with 2 homes that were attached to it also burned

Reading Engine 3 on a Hydrant down 2nd Street with the fire building in the background

                                      Top of the warehouse  

                                    Tower Ladder from Reading Flowing water onto the fire

Few more shots of the fire. Folks, I know times are tough but this is another example of why you do not lay off firemen. Reading's staffing is 2 per rig and thats it. The initial alarm brought 10-12 guys to the scene, 12 guys for a Fully Involved 51,000 square foot building. The FD did a damn good job in keeping the fire from taking anymore homes and possibly, even the block. Yes, Reading did call in outside help but regardless, Firemen should not be laid off. Period..

Off my soapbox now...

Have a great day!