Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last posts for now

A few shots from a second alarm that my department assisted on. Working fire in a grain tower. I hope to get more active with posts again soon. Just had alot of stuff going on..

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Brad Myers said...

Wow Woody you were making for lost time with all these posts. Great photos but I like the one with the saw running and sparks flying the best.

Congtats on the stair climb. I hope you are felling and doing well. Shane keeps me up to date the best he can.

Let me know when you want to stop in, I hardly ever leave. Three houses burning last night and then a 4:30 wake up call this morning while riding lines on W3, back the next two nights to drive the wagon before starting my own tour Saturday morning. I can't wait to retire and relax with the bike and camera.

I was checking you site a couple times a week and was thinking you may have been done with it.

Take care of yourself and the little man, they grow up fast.