Monday, May 17, 2010

Armed Services Day 2010..

Hey Everyone,
This past Saturday I travelled to Carlise for the annual Army Heritage Days and to do some shooting with Brad and Shane Myers which is always a pleasure. Weather was good which is always a plus. The top photo is a member of the 82nd airborne(Brad correct me If I am wrong) coming in for a landing. The second photo is a snipers nest in a trench that you could walk through, that was pretty cool.
Of course, I save the best for last. The bottom photo is none other then Brad Myers himself, lining up to take another great photograph of solders getting inspected.
Brad, always a great time my friend. I would like to set up a date with you sometime and go out to Ship and photograph their rigs sometime.
I am sure Brad will have photos on his blog that he took on Saturday, so please make sure you visit!
Have a great day!

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