Thursday, June 10, 2010


This past week, I was fortunate to photograph the fire apparatus from the BWI Airport Fire/Rescue Department in Maryland. I tried to time it a few times where I could get the aircraft in the background, because my thought was that would make a great post for SWF.
For other great photos, check out the skywatch link to the right listed under my links..


Sylvia K said...

Beautiful skies, colorful planes, terrific captures for the day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Woody!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love watching that yellow plane soar into the blue sky (I feel as if I was actually there). Very nice SWF pix. Thanks!

Bill said...

Now that is what I call 'Real Sky Watch' Friday. Great shots.

EG Wow said...

Airports are such fun places to hang around. :)

Cai said...

Great skywatch photo!
Check out my photo challenge website,! Every weekday has its own photo theme and a different challenge every week, have a look and hopefully ill see a picture from you soon on weekday photos!

Have a good one!

Brad Myers said...

Hey where are you buddy? It has been some time since your last post I hope everything it okay.

Two more weeks until PPP, I hope to see you there.