Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photography on the fireground...

Hey all,
The photo is from a house fire my department assisted on this past Monday night. We were dispatched and the additional info was a reported fire in the kitchen. A chief officer from the department we were assisting arrived with fire showing from 3 sides of the house. After the investigation, the cause was unattended cooking.
Anyhow, as most of you know about the poor choice some jackwagon from Georgia made about photographing a deceased body at a accident scene and then getting the bright idea of showing it around to his buddies and unfortunatly, the video made it back to the parents of the victim.
My own thoughts about fireground photography and this moron. If he would have been a member at my firehouse, he would have received a blanket party back at the station(You have to be a fireman to understand what I mean) and most likely, would have been looking for a new station to be a member at. There is no excuse for what he did and I can't fathom as to why he would WANT to in the first place?!? I've been in the fire service for almost 21 years and those calls with deceased subjects are calls you want to forgot about. I will never take pictures of any deceased or anyone who is a patient from a vehicle accident or any distraught people at a incident scene. I never have and I never will. It's just not right to do that and it's just common sense.
The main purpose of taking photos on the fireground, is to record history. To use the photos as training and for investigation. If done correctly, it is a great tool to learn.
If you ever get the chance, go to Bradley Myers Photography Blog which is linked to my blog. Great photographer, fireman and friend. Brad is a career fireman in Harrisburg and I know his views are pretty much the same as mine. Look through any of his fire photos or any of mine and you will not find one photo of a victim, patient, distraught person at all.
Ok I am done ranting now...
Have a great day!

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Brad Myers said...

Woody, it is great to see an new post on your site. I know you have been catching plenty of jobs because I always look at the galleries you send me.

I agree with you and people like this make it hard for people like us that have standards. I did notice this morning that he was fired.

Take care, Brad.