Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Got Foam??...

Hey everyone,

Well I really did not have anything planned for today. Things have been hectic lately and I have not had a chance to go out and photograph anything. So I decided to post a few more photos from the drill I photographed at the airport.

These are photos of the Lancaster County Foam Task Force, made up of several different departments. The units pictured here in the bottom two photos are Lafayette Fire Company Engine 6-3-3 and 6-3-2. The other engine is Lancaster City Bureau Of Fire Engine 6-4-2.

The foam task force is also made up of the county haz Mat team and also Neffsville Fire Company which responds with their tanker(2-7) each department also has a foam trailer they can bring to the scene for additional foam. The FTF can respond anywhere in Lancaster County and has gone out of County on mutual aide. The most recent out of county response was to the Adhesive Research Fire in Southern York County a few years ago.

That is all for today. Hope your having a great week!



2sweetnsaxy said...

I always enjoy your photos. They're so interesting and of things I might never see.

Bradley Myers said...

Woody, I really like the top photo, good perspective.

Jim said...

I like that view of the top photo.