Friday, November 28, 2008

Downtown Lancaster...

Hey everyone,

Hope your enjoying your Black Friday. Today's photos were taken just a few hours ago in Downtown Lancaster City. I decided to head into town and take a walk around the square and shoot some things.

The first one is on top of the Prince Street parking garage looking NW from the center of town. That section of the city is probably the nicest part of the whole city to live in.

Photo 2 is of the Greist Building, currently the tallest "High Rise" in the city. Nothing like what my Harrisburg friends are used to though. I think it's only 8 stories.

Photo 3 is of a streetcar that a group is displaying next to the city police station. Apparantly, some people think it would be a good idea to put tracks down through the city and run street cars/trolly's in the downtown to attract business to the new convention center that's been a big stink for the past 10 years but is now finally being built and almost finished.

I don't think a street car is a good idea. Mainly, because of the traffic volume in the city. The streets are tight enough to begin with. I'm sure that this group though consulted with the most important department in the city to get their input as we all know politicians and people who want to improve things do, and that department would be the Fire Department(Note the tone of sarcasm)

Ok, off my soapbox. I hope you all have a great weekend!!



2sweetnsaxy said...

Nice pics. I hope the trolly car thing works out. I was against some of the things they did in downtown L.A. but it turned out not as bad as I thought. Maybe this will not be as bad as you think too.

SandyCarlson said...

Lancaster is very lovely!