Monday, April 20, 2009

Here comes the heat!!!

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend. This photo was taken yesterday at the Harrisburg Senators game vs the Reading Phillies(Yes I did have to root for the Phils). My wife and son and I decided to head up as we have never been to a Senators game before. Wyatt did pretty good, he made it to the 7th inning before he tired out for the day.

We were over along the 3rd base side. We were actually in the General Admission Seats and then moved over to the box seats(There was not a big crowd) I was watching the Phillies pitcher warm up and thought it would be cool to try and get a shot of him with the ball coming at me so to speak. So I eased my lens through the hole in the fence and waited. I did not have the lens too far through as I was worried about a wild pitch and knowing my luck, would have hit my lens.

So If your ever in the Harrisburg area, take in a Senators ballgame on City Island. Tickets are reasonably priced as is the food. Nice ballpark overall.

Have a good week!!


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Fish Whisperer said...

Great shot! Ot took me a minute to see the baseball but when I did it made me want to duck. Very cool.