Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Squad 8...

Hey everyone..

Hope your having a great day today. Today is my birthday. I am the same age as Brad Myers and that is 29...LOL

This photo was taken at Station 2 on 16th Street In Harrisburg when I was up shooting some things. I saw the Squad sitting out front and pulled over to grab some quick shots. I have to admit, not a real big fan of the candy stripes in the front of the station. But thats just my .02

Have a great day folks!

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Bradley Myers said...

Happy birthday Woddy, I could actually believe that you are 29, one look at me and everyone knows I am stretching it. Those candy stripes are like everything else at station 2, TACKY, TACKY, TACKY. Not even a good house to visit. Stay off the hill and remain in the uptown district, the fire protection is much better.