Monday, May 4, 2009

FillSite is established...

Hey everyone,

Sorry I missed the last two days. Very busy with stuff around the house and doing things with Wyatt. I just did not have the chance.

So I hope you all had a good weekend. Now for todays photo.

This was taken at a drill I photographed last year at the Lancaster Airport. What you see is a port-a-tank or pond that is found in alot of the companies in the rural areas that do not have hydrants. The portatanks are carried on water tankers. An average tanker can carry from 1,800 to 4,000 gallaons of water sometimes more.

This was on the runaway at the airport. Closest hydrant would have been about 2-3 miles away from where we were. The drill was a simulated aircraft that crashed and was on fire.

The tanker on the right is dumping it's water into the portatank and the engine on the left is the designated supply engine. That means that the engine is supplying the water up to the scene of the incident. They are not always this easy. This area was pretty easy as it was straight and level. On a actual incident, you may be forced to set up on a hill, curve, field. It all depends on the area.

and this concludes your lesson on rural firefighting 101.

Have a great day!

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