Monday, July 13, 2009

Philadelphia Fire Department At Citizens Bank

Good Morning Everyone,

Saturday I went to Philadelphia to watch the Phillies play the Pirates. While going to get a drink and talking to my wife to see how everyone was doing, I noticed the PD closing off the street, I then heard someone say the FD is here. Well, that peeked my curiousity, so I moved to a different spot in the concourse area and observed Ladder 27, Engine 49, a Homeland Security Vehicle and the Philly PD Bomb Squad Unit. I stood there and took some photos before Stadium Security cleared everyone away from the areas and were denying access to the ramps to the other levels.

My initial thought was it was a suspicious package or a bomb threat against the ballpark. From what I found out, it was all done in preperation for the arrival of VP Joe Biden.

Have a great day!

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Bradley Myers said...

Woody, I got your photo album you sent on this event. It looks like you picked a good game to attend. Looking forward to some PPP photos, sorry I missed it this year. I normally see a few people their that I know, LOL.