Monday, August 10, 2009

The 73rd New York Infantry...

Hey Everyone,

Hope you had a good week. It was nice being off of work, but all good things must come to an end. The photo from today is when I went to Gettysburg with my nephews and brother in law and my wife's uncle. It was a good time as I have always enjoyed going to Gettysburg. I just hardly ever get the chance.

Now for a little history about the second fire zouvaes;

Raised in the Bowery of New York City in the summer of 1861, the 73rd New York Infantry was given the monicker of "Second Fire Zouaves". Dressed in a distinctive zouave-style uniform, the 73rd's soldiers appeared different from their counterparts in the "Excelsior Brigade", and they were. The regiment was composed almost entirely of volunteer firemen from New York City and its boroughs, men who enlisted as volunteer soldiers with the assurance that they would still be carried as active firemen on the rolls of volunteer fire departments back home. (The organization of New York City Volunteer Firemen began in 1658 and lasted until 1865, when the control of fire departments in New York was taken over by the city administration.) The regiment went to Washington in October 1861 where it was presented a stand of colors (flags) donated by the fire departments of New York City.

For more info so you can read about them, click here on the following link;

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If you never been to Gettysburg. It is definatley worth the trip as I am sure some of my other blogger friends on here would agree..

Have a great week!!


Bradley Myers said...

I am just glad you are back blogging and happy you enjoyed your vacation.

Haney said...
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Haney said...

I shot this monument a while back but the back lighting was too much. It's an afternoon subject, I'll hope to stop back soon. Good job.