Friday, August 28, 2009

More Barn Fire Pictures...

Hello Everyone,

TGIF!! These are some more photos from the barn fire earlier in the week that I photographed. The first photo at the top shows what the barn looked like from the main road before I walked back a VERY long lane.

The second photo shows the water supply in operation. Basically, the tanker from the Neffsville Fire Company is supplying the entire fire scene with water. It is acting as a nurse tanker, meaning that all the other tankers with water, will dump their loads into the red porta-tanks set up on the road to supply the Neffsville tanker, they will then nurse the water up to the scene through the hose lines.

I wanted to make that as easy as possible for the non firefighting folk to understand that.

The other photos are of the Lititz Fire Company Ladder Truck flowing water onto the barn. The fifth photo shows the aftermath of the fire.

The very last photo shows other tankers waiting in line to dump their water.

That is all, I hope you have a great weekend!!



Lew said...

Good work on capturing the smoke in the sky from a distance and the work close to the barn. Getting water to the fire is a major effort in rural areas and sometimes in the city. Washington, DC had a fire recently where the mains close to the fire did not have enough pressure and they ran hoses about a mile to get water.

Dirk said...

Spectacular photografy, nice pictures and good quality.

Marju said...

Beautiful photos!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

How sad to see a barn burn to the ground. Great photos, though.