Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to Philly...

Hey Everyone,

I know, I really need to get out and start shooting some new stuff. Recent events have prevented me from doing that, but I hope to soon. So, another one from the archives..

This is the PFD(Philadelphia Fire Department), along with Local and Federal Law Enforcement vehicles outside Citizens Bank Ballpark. During the ballgame I was attending(Phillies won by the way) I was on the 4th level on the 10th Ave near Patterson(Lincoln Financial Side If your at the Phillies Ballpark) when I hear some one say, "Hey, the FD is here." Well, that perks my attention so I take a walk around and lo and behold, there is Engine 49 and Ladder 27 sitting on the street. Along with the Homeland Security Vehicle and the Philadelphia Police Department. I figured out quickly what was going on once I saw the male in the green padded suit walking by himself towards other officers.

This was one of the last photos I was able to shoot before Stadium Security cleared everyone away from the ramps and the concourse. So I said to the one security guard "Hey, whats going on?" He proceeds to say it's prep work for the arrival of the Vice President(Who was at the game).

Silly Security Guard.

I know Enginemen are not as smart as us Truckmen(If your in the FD, you understand, if not, it's a friendly joke) but I know for a fact, no enginemen would drop about 500 feet of 5 inch supply line on a hot humid July night in the middle of the street for "prep" work.

As it turns out, it was a reported "suspicious" package that turned out to be harmless..

Have a great day!

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