Saturday, January 9, 2010

2nd alarm assignment...

Hey Everyone,

I know I normally don't post on Saturday, but I wanted to try and get some posts in. I think I corrected my blogger problem at the moment. I had to switch back to the old editor as the new one would not let me post any photos. It was stuck in EDIT HTML mode and I could not press the compose button. I still can't in the new editor.

Anyway, this was taken last night at a 2nd alarm house fire. I was at a going away party for one of our guys at the firehouse who is getting redeployed back to IRAQ. When the initial alarm came in, I did not head down till they hit the second alarm. Of course at that time, everyone was yelling at me to go get photos. So I ran down and then came back and filled everyone in...

Have a great day! I will post more from this fire over the next few days

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