Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alot of fire in a short time period

This is a photo of Engine 751, FDMJ operating at a working apartment building fire. I was stuck in court and was just leaving when my department was dispatched. By the time I arrived, they were in the overhaul stage. I got harassed for being there in my suit but hey : )
Good friend and mentor, Sam Clark. Sam is also a career captain with the Harrisburg Bureau Of Fire

Myself and the FD photographer from the Rheems Fire Department. Also a good friend and a coworker

My guys conducting overhaul on the second floor

My arrival at the scene. This was the second fire of the day for my department, this was on 12/22 at 15:50 hours

First fire of the day at 0445 on 12/22. Fire in a local drinking establishment that has seen it's share of fires over the years.
Hey All,
Hope you had a good holiday. I am going to show some photos from the past two weeks that my department was on or involved in some way. Blogger has put the photos in the wrong order so I am going to start from the second fire of the day to the first fire.,
Not alot of smoke or fire when I got to any of them. I was either at work or had other commitments. I also want to say welcome back to my friend Brad. Great shots of the fire on your blog buddy!

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Brad Myers said...

Woody you sure have been catching the work with the camera. I guess if a guy wants to photograph fires he needs to move to Lancaster County. Great photos and what a suprise when I arrived at your site and found all the new post.

Thanks for welcoming me back and a big welcom back to you also.

I hope the Holidays were great for you and Wyatt and I hope you both have a fantastic 2011.