Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Part 2..

On 12/24, my department was first arriving for a working house fire assisting another department. Blogger messed up the order again, This is the front of the house as crews are wrapping up
The back side of the house, crews opening up trying to get to hidden fire

Shortly after I arrived, the additional on dispatch was given that a neighbor across the street saw smoke pushing from the attic vents and the windows were black. Good indication there was a fire. I had Wyatt with me on this one and he sat at the Command Post while I took some photos

East Petersburg Truck 2-3 acting as a engine company.

Alot of smoke still pushing. I arrived just as a mayday was called when one of our guys fell partially through a floor. I think I aged about 20 years when I heard it. For those baseball fans out there, Former Major League Baseball Star Tommy Herr resides in this same development

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