Tuesday, January 4, 2011

and to start off the new year...

On 1/3 at 1942 hours. Rheems Fire Department and mutual aide departments were dispatched for a house on fire. My department transferred about 15 minutes into it. Alot of smoke when I arrived.
Back side of the house

As I was walking up to the scene

FDMJ Engine 751 on a plug

As I arrived, smoke in the street.
Thats all.. Thanks for looking!

To end the year on 12/31

At 0445, my department was dispatched for a first due house fire with people trapped. Units arrived with a working fire and 3 people on a porch roof. Crews assisted in getting the people down and getting a knock on the fire. I was in the shower getting ready for work so I was late for this one. For those wondering, yes the police cruiser is blocked in. One of these days they will learn not to park so close..
Hydrant that the first due engine grabbed

Front side of the house

Another shot of the front..

and then on 12/29

We were dispatched for a shed fire to assist another department. I was dropping Wyatt off at School and glanced over in that direction and saw the header. So I quickly went enroute
Engine Crews got somewhat of a knock as I arrived

Crews hitting hot spots and overhaul

Units from 6-7

Crews waiting on water

and then on 12/27

At 17:00 hours, my department was dispatched for a working house fire. I was at work and was late getting there. Fire was in a 200 year old home that was renovated
Crews from the FDMJ standing by for an assignment

Truck 6-7(my company) on the front side of the house

Engine 6-7-1 with a secondary water supply

FDMJ Truck 7-5 and West Hempfield Engine 7-6-2

Part 2..

On 12/24, my department was first arriving for a working house fire assisting another department. Blogger messed up the order again, This is the front of the house as crews are wrapping up
The back side of the house, crews opening up trying to get to hidden fire

Shortly after I arrived, the additional on dispatch was given that a neighbor across the street saw smoke pushing from the attic vents and the windows were black. Good indication there was a fire. I had Wyatt with me on this one and he sat at the Command Post while I took some photos

East Petersburg Truck 2-3 acting as a engine company.

Alot of smoke still pushing. I arrived just as a mayday was called when one of our guys fell partially through a floor. I think I aged about 20 years when I heard it. For those baseball fans out there, Former Major League Baseball Star Tommy Herr resides in this same development

Alot of fire in a short time period

This is a photo of Engine 751, FDMJ operating at a working apartment building fire. I was stuck in court and was just leaving when my department was dispatched. By the time I arrived, they were in the overhaul stage. I got harassed for being there in my suit but hey : )
Good friend and mentor, Sam Clark. Sam is also a career captain with the Harrisburg Bureau Of Fire

Myself and the FD photographer from the Rheems Fire Department. Also a good friend and a coworker

My guys conducting overhaul on the second floor

My arrival at the scene. This was the second fire of the day for my department, this was on 12/22 at 15:50 hours

First fire of the day at 0445 on 12/22. Fire in a local drinking establishment that has seen it's share of fires over the years.
Hey All,
Hope you had a good holiday. I am going to show some photos from the past two weeks that my department was on or involved in some way. Blogger has put the photos in the wrong order so I am going to start from the second fire of the day to the first fire.,
Not alot of smoke or fire when I got to any of them. I was either at work or had other commitments. I also want to say welcome back to my friend Brad. Great shots of the fire on your blog buddy!