Monday, January 5, 2009

Downtown Lot...

Hey everyone,

Hope you had a good weekend and new years. This photo was taken when I went downtown a few months ago and shot some photos. This is at the top level of one of the parking garages looking east. The building that you see is the county courthouse. I'm not really sure why I took the shot, I liked the simplicity of it with just the light poles and the empty lot.

Anyhow, I wanted to relay an experiance I had on New Year's day. Lisa and I took Wyatt to the Giant Center in Hershey to see Elmo and Friends. I had taken my D40 along to get some shots of Wyatt enjoying the show. As we were walking in the main entrance of the Giant Center, a female security guard steps in front of me and tell's me that my camera is not allowed in because it has a detachable lens. So, I said ok and took my camera back to my car and told Lisa and Wyatt I would meet them inside. When I got back to the entrance, I sought out the same security guard and asked her when that policy was made because I had been to a Hershey Bears Game and did not have any issue with getting inside at all with my camera.

She said "It's our policy and I can't help you" and promptly walked away. I'm sure some of you can guess what my opinion of her was at that point.

I met up with Lisa and Wyatt and we watched the first half of the show. During Intermission, I noticed a security guard standing near our seats and he appeared to be one of the supervisors. I walked over and had a chat and this guard was a class act, very nice and understanding. I explained what had happened and he said that it was the policy of the show that comes to the Giant Center about the cameras. Not the Giant Center itself. I honestly did not know about that. So I thanked him for his time and turned to walk away and I notice a gentleman walking down the aisle with a Nikon D300towards where I was sitting. So I turn around and walk back to the same security guard and pointed that out to him and he looked and saw the guy with the camera. I think he knew I was a little frustrated at that point. He apologized and said that If he was able to get the camera in, there was nothing he could do and his hands were tied.

For those that have been to the Giant Center, you know all bags are checked by security. I'd like to know how this guy was able to conceal the D300 which as we all know is much larger then the D40.

So I fired off an email to the Giant Center Staff and I also fired one off to the company that runs the show about their camera policy. On their website it states they encourage parents to bring their cameras to photograph their children. It also stated about how video recording is not permitted, yet I counted multiple point and shoot digital cameras that were capable of recording video and some people were doing just that. I'll let you know If I get a response...

Now that I am off my soapbox. I hope you all have a good 2009 and you are able to achieve your goals.

My few goals I've set for me this year are simple. Number one goal is to spend more time with the family and not work so much OT.

Two, be a better photographer and to get out and shoot more

Three, hopefully get out and do a photoshoot somewhere with Brad Myers for a day(So Brad where you read also to get better at photoshop...

Allright, that is all for now. Have a great week everyone..



Bradley Myers said...

Let me see if I got this right Woody, you said the min e is bigger than yours, LOL. I couldn't help it my mind works a little screwed up at times.

Brian has experienced the same thing as you at the Giant Center.

I would be glad to go out shooting with you Woody.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Man, I feel your frustration. I would have been standing on that soap box too.