Friday, January 23, 2009

Fires in the basement...

Hey Everyone,

These photos were taken yesterday afternoon. I was on my way to work when I heard police department get advised of a reported building fire at a popular restaurant. I was heading in that direction to work anyway. I heard the duty officer from the FD arrive with nothing showing, the first due engine and truck arrived and then I heard the duty officer reported a working basement fire.

So I quickly diverted as I was running early for work and decided to shoot some quick photos. The engine crew already had the fire knocked by the time I got there.

The photos are of the two ladder trucks that were on the scene. The first one is Roherstown Fire Company Truck 6-7 and the second one is the Eden Fire Company Truck 2-4.

By the way, Bradley If you like wings, this is the best place in Lancaster County to get them and the lager is always well stocked...

Have a great weekend!!


Jim said...

Must be difficult to put out a basement fire.

Brian Bastinelli said...


Nice work here. I like the look of both of these images. I would like to see them in a higher resolution.

Did you add texture to the one as well?

Good work!