Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a job...

Hey everyone,

I was on my way home last night from photographing a drill when I hear on my scanner on the police band, a police officer call out he has heavy fire in the building and to get the FD out asap. Well, that perked my attention. So I pulled over and listened for the dispatch. As soon as the dispatch was made, I was only 5 minutes away. I arrived right before the first due engine. The fire was at a business just outside of East Petersburg. I shot about 120 photos before I called it a night.

This photo is of Rohrerstown Fire Company, Truck 6-7 operating on the backside of the business.

Have a great week everyone!!

Oh and I wanted to say congrats to Brian Bastinelli. For those that do not know. Brian was contacted by Mpix to have some of photos displayed at a national conference in Boston which is quite a honor.

So Brian, from someone who has admired your work and strives to get my photos as good as yours, Congrats!!


2sweetnsaxy said...

Amazing shot. I'm a little disappointed though. 126 shots and you only posted one!? :-D

Woody said...

Patience my good people..More shots will follow