Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Paxton...

Hey Everyone..

This is a photo taken of the Paxton Firehouse located on S 2nd Street in the Downtown of Harrisburg. With my wife being in Texas and my son in school. I had a free day to myself, so I decided to head up to Harrisburg and do a little photographing and maybe chase a box or two(Only things that came in were an AFA in the Hill and a Vehicle Accident in the Uptown)

I do know this is the oldest firehouse in service and the only two story firehouse in the city. Some of my history books are still packed away so here are some facts about the Paxton from the Harrisburg City Website;

Station Six, known as the Paxton, was home to the former Paxton Engine Company No. 6. It is a two story, white brick, two bay firehouse and is the only station located in the downtown district. The firehouse is the oldest in-service station; built in 1937 on the sight of the company’s first quarters which was built in 1864 and severely damaged in the 1936 flood.

I believe this houses Tower 3 and one of the reserve rigs?? Brad, Rich or Brian, correct me If I am wrong..

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