Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Overhaul and Wrapping Up....

Hey Everyone..

This photo was taken towards the beginning of the month. It was taken in Harrisburg as crews were wrapping up from a working fire in the 3rd floor of a restaurant located right in downtown Harrisburg in restaurant row.(If you ever get the chance to visit, many good restaurants to choose from)

This is a shot of Tower 3. One of the 3 truck companies that protect the capital city. Of course, they wish they could be as good as the men from the uptown truck, Tower 2(Had to throw that in there for my HBG friends)

This was a very cold night. I was walking back to my vehicle when I noticed the Fulton Bank highrise in the background behind the truck and thought it would be a cool shot to take. If I get the chance, I may be venturing up to Harrisburg again this weekend for the annual ST Pattys Day Parade(Brad, any good places to sit?? any places to avoid??)

Have a great week!!

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Bradley Myers said...

I am not Irish (but Heinz 57) so I have only ever gone to the parade once. I do plan on going before work this year. I keep on the move trying to get some photos.