Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Open House...

Hey Everyone,

These photos were shot last Saturday at Glick Fire Equipment's open house. Every year, they open the facility up and give tours, show the apparatus they sell and who they have sold to. I took Wyatt down and we were checking out the new rigs when I saw the rig in the bottom from Shippensburg which I believe is Brad Myers old department?? (Correct me If I am wrong)

Brad, I thought you taught the men better. It seems that the truck is a bit confused as to what it wants to be..

Right in front of Glick's Fire Equipment is the runway for Smoketown airport and the owner of Glicks actually lives in a house just on the other side of the runway.

It seems lately that the only thing Smoketown Airport is known for is for having it's pilots fly into restricted airspace a little bit to close to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...

Oh well..

Have a great day!


Thom said...

How awesome that they do this. Fascinating :)

Brad Myers said...

Sorta my old company. I belong to the C.V.'s and started their because they allowed 14 years olds to join. As soon as I turned 16 I changed membership to the Viggies where my Dad was chief. After getting married I lived almost next to the WEFR house so I started running their.

Most people in Shipp that are active belonged to all three companies back then. Just something you did.