Thursday, November 19, 2009

E50 L12, Northside Philly Cowboys...

Hey Everyone,

Hope things are well. These are photos from E50 and L12 of the PFD from when I was there In Sept.

Very cool house to visit. E50 is one of the busiest engine companies in the city due to their location from what I was told. I was playing around in photoshop with some of the photos and I would like to hear you're thoughts on which photo you like better or think was processed better.

The front side of the house, I had to crop in tighter on the right side.  One of the guys I went down with was walking towards the station with his girlfriend and did not hear me yelling for him to stop and he walked right into the shot. Oh well

Please don't be shy, If you don't like how one of the shots came out or If you do.. Please say so...

Have a great week!


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Fish Whisperer said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to comment. Here goes. I like the first station image very surreal looking. The B/W lost a lot of the detail in the brickwork and the shadow areas. The sepia toned one has a very old and nostalgic feel to it. As always I really enjoy your work. It is cool to see a different side of you firemen.