Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charge the line...

Hey all,

Sorry, It's been a crazy past few days and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and post. I actually just got home from work and this will be quick as I have to be back in for a meeting. York City Fire went to decues on a commercial structure around 00:30. Quiet night as usual on the east side of the river.

I wanted to get to the York Arts Festival to check out Brian B's stand but my son was sick all weekend with a 102 fever and a cold. (Sorry Brian) I hope the rest of you got a chance to head over and check things out.

Todays photo, is a space filler. I have not had a chance to head out and do any photographing, with the exception of this fire. This is a crew on the Delta side of the house waiting to open up the line to attack the fire in the attic.

When I had the honor of having dinner with the crew from Tower 2 and Wagon 3, I had asked about what was the largest fire they ever responded to in the City and they answered the Vernon Building fire. The crew got a run and I never got the chance to find out anymore first hand accounts about the fire. So I posted it on and got to learn a little history and info about the blaze. So If you guys who read my blog were on for that fire. I'd love to hear about it..

(If you can't tell, I always love to listen to war stories about fires)

Stay Safe Everyone..

Have a great week everyone!!

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Bradley Myers said...

War stories are great Woody, but on the wacker site you need to seperate fact from fiction, not everything your read is true. Some of these people are only legends in their own minds and not respected by those that know them.

Sometimes I can't keep my mouth shut and I must tell it like it is. The war years were bullshit. There was allot of fire almost all put out by the volunters not the paid man standing at the pump panel or hiding to aviod work or so no one knew they were drunk. That changed around 1986 when the paid men starting putting out their own fires.

One of these days you come in we will sit down and talk and you can hear from the others on the subject. There is a reason I stay away from wacker fest central.

Sorry I am off my soap box now.

Bradley Myers said...

I hope your son is feeling better and I am glad you are back to posting. You had me wondering what happened to you.