Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wyatt at the Petting Zoo..




Hey Everyone,

This will be brief as I need get ready and Wyatt ready to go get my nephews who are here from Texas and head to Harrisburg to take them to the fire museum.

These photos were taken at the Longs Park petting zoo. Wyatt and the rest of the kids has a blast, especially Wyatt as he is laughing and talking to the animals. I love his facial expressions.

Of course, the highlight was when we walked in and my youngest nephew looked at all the crap on the ground and said "Oh, gummie bears"

Gotta Run, Have a great day everyone!!!
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Bradley Myers said...

Great family shots Woody, looks like you are getting the hang of the cropping thing. Sorry you were given a tuff time in the city yesterday. Becareful, the kids are more dangerous than the adults.