Monday, September 7, 2009

Chili anyone??

Hey Everyone,
I hope you had a great labor day weekend and are enjoying the holiday today. I unfortunatley had to work. I will be posting some shots this week from the festival. When we were there, there was not a whole lot going on with regards to the native americans. So I did some shots at random of the general area. The two shots today are of one chili stand I thought was unique. It was taken on State Street, just west of Second Street. The other photo is of the cutest little boy in the world, my son Wyatt with a statue of the Harrisburg City Cow, along RiverFront Park on Front Street. I told Wyatt to give me his cheesy smile and he sort of smiled, but looked in the opposite direction from where I was to take the photo. Oh well..
Enjoy the day!

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