Thursday, September 17, 2009

A well known Philly landmark...

Hello Everyone,

I am back from Vacation. These Photos were taken last Saturday. I went with some other friends to Philadelphia for the day and evening to buff the city and have dinner with one of the companies later that night.

For lunch we stopped at GENO's cheesesteaks. This was the first time I was ever there and It was quite the experiance. When we arrived, we saw a crowd of people just down the street and it is none other then Dr. Phil and his wife. So I shot his photo and went over and got in line. After I place my order, I hear this voice behind me and this hand on my shoulder and It's Dr. Phil and there are about 5 TV cameras pointed at me, Dr Phil says, "Sounds like you know what you're doing, what did you order?" Apparently, Dr. Phil's new season is starting soon and he's going across the country solving people's problems on the street.

So you may see me on Dr. Phil...You may not

Let me tell you though, Dr. Phil went a little excessive on the makeup...

Hope your having a good week!

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