Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Wildlife for Brad...


Sorry I have not posted the last two days. I was transferred to day shift on Wed and am still trying to adjust to being back on daylight hours. I had worked second shift for most of my career but since Wyatt came along, I opted to go back to days so I could be at home nights with him and get to see him a little more.

These photos were taken at the Oregon Dairy on Oregon Pike in the northern end of Manheim Township. It is a huge farm that also has a restaurant and a grocery store on the property. It also has a small playground for kids. The two photos are of one of the many wildlife animals that live on the property. The first photo Wyatt was looking at the deer and then turned away at the last moment. The second one was a close up of the animal grazing.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Brad Myers said...

So you are back to daylight, can you handle a rerular persons schedule? I know I could never do it again. Did Wyatt like the buck?

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Well, I hope the new shift works out for you. I think it's admirable that parents take the time and effort to adjust their schedules to accommodate the kids but alas, it's not always that easy... good luck, my friend.

Hope your weekend is good!

(By the way, love your header picture!)