Friday, September 18, 2009

TMI Super Generators on the move...

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are having a good week. I took these photos last night. If you are from my area, you have heard about the two MASSIVE TMI Generators on the road enroute to Three Mile Island. These were taken at it's staging point last night at a local store just south of Willow Street. The top speed on the vehicles that is transporting them are 3 miles per hour. Each Generator and transport will be 150 feet long, 24 feet high and weigh 811 tons. The convoy will weigh more then 3 million pounds and stretches the length of a football field.  At it's current speed of 3 mph. It will take 20 days to reach it's destination. It was quite the the sight to see last night.

Have a good weekend...

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Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Whoa, those things are GIGANTIC!! What a feat to move those things, I imagine!!
I know Wyatt is a little guy but to see him against this big rig makes him as teeny as an ant. He must've been impressed by these!
I know I would've been.