Monday, June 1, 2009

Fill the box...

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I missed Friday. Not enough hours in the day to get stuff done. I did not get a chance to get out and photograph alot either. This was taken from this past Saturday. I was at the firehouse and my plan was to do a quick cleaning inside my car, go home and watch the Phillies and head to bed. Well, Murphys Law decided to ruin that plan for the evening. My department was dispatched for an Automatic Fire Alarm at a Industrial Plant in one of the business parks in our first due. So I decide to head out with the guys, I figure its a good chance to practice my nighttime shooting. As we go enroute, the dispatch center advises that employees are on the scene reporting fire through the roof...

Not what you want to hear when you have a raging headache already and are dead tired.

So we get there and there is a decent amout of smoke from the roof. It was materials inside a vent pipe that caught fire which extended in a multi layer rubber roof and spread.

Well, once the investigation and overhaul was done. I got home at 0130 instead...

Oh well..

Have a great week!

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