Friday, December 18, 2009

Fire in Boston.......Market

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the late post. This is my weekend to work and I did not get a chance to get these photos ready last night. These were taken yesterday at the Boston Market Restaurant. Initial reports were smoke pushing from the building. First arriving units found a slight smoke condition with a small fire in the walls. I had Wyatt with me as we were on our way home from me picking him up at school, so we swung in quick and I shot some photos.

I also would like to thank Capt Schmoe and FireCap5 for their kind words about my photos. I really appreciate that and I hope you continue to visit my blog and enjoy my photos.

For other great fire photos, Please visit Bradley Myers Photo Blog and Brian Bastinelli's Photo blog and also his other website, Just click on the links to the right. Also Check out Jason Coleman-Cobbs Website,, another great website.

Thanks again fellas and I will be checking out your blogs. Like I tell all my blog friends, I may not comment all the time, but I make an effort to visit at least once a day if not more.

Stay safe and have a great weekend!!

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Firecap5 said...

You are welcome Woody! Like I said over at my blog, I like the fact that you show more than just the fire burning and ladder pipes flowing water. There is so much more going on and you take pics of all of it.