Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fire in Da' Burg...My favorite fire photos from the year...

Hey Everyone,

Hope your week is going well. I cannot believe it is December already!

Ok, before I talk about the photos. Has anyone else been having problems with blogger?? Everytime I go to do a scheduled post, when I check the blog it shows it reverted back to draft. This morning, someone left me a comment and it shows 0 Comments initially but if you click on the post, the comment is there??

Any advice, suggestions???

Now to the photos, these were taken back in March of this year. I had buffed one fire in the city at the old Spot's restaurant on 2nd street in the downtown. As I was leaving the city, I hear Harrisburg Wagon 3 go available on my scanner. The dispatcher states for "Wagon 3, standby and prepare to copy" So I kind of pulled off to the side of the road, The box was then struck for a house fire on S 13th street in the 100 block with multiple calls being received. I was right at S 13th street, so I made a left turn and away I went.

I arrived right behind Harrisburg Tower 1 after parking well out of the way(Golden rule of fire photography, Don't get blocked in and in the way) and walked up and shot some photos. Out of all the fire photos I have taken this year, these seem to be my favorite ones. I honestly don't know why.

I don't know if it was because I got there early enough and was able to get some decent shots, I just think these are my best photos of the year. Don't worry, I divide my fire photos and family photos. I'll post my favorite family photos down the road.

Hope you have a great day and I hope my scheduled post works this time!


Capt. Schmoe said...

Nice shots. I am still trying to get the "night thing" worked out. Maybe I need new and better equipment. Yeah, that's it.

I think that one of these might make a nice shot for your blog's ban....

Oh, never mind.

Thanks for sharing.

Brad Myers said...

Woody, have not been having any problems and I only do scheduled post. I have had a problem this week with a couple of photo. I noticed when I clicked on them instead of getting larger it gave the save, download and whatever box. I went into the post deleted the photo and uploaded it again and it worked fine.