Friday, December 11, 2009

My attempt at Photoshop...

Hey Everyone,

Hope your week is good. Thank god it is Friday. So this is my attempt at photoshop. The real basic skills I think I am ok at but when you try and do the Brad Myers/Brian Bastinelli photoshop ADVANCED level..I still need lots of practice on.

This is actually a model of the Philadelphia Fire Department Fire Boat 2. I was trying to recreate a look from the 70's during Philly's war years. The model is actually on a display stand with the photo in the background.

I cropped in as much as I could but still had some of the stand exposed. So I tried to add the water in the areas where the stand was and tried to blend it together but it did not go as well as I planned.

I really did not have anything else today, so I thought I would throw this out there and see what you good people in blogger world really think.

If you were curious as to how I got the idea, Brian Bastinelli had a photograph of a piece of fire apparatus that actually turned out to be a toy. Looking at the photo right away, you could not tell. That's what I was trying for, I'll need to keep practicing some more...

Have a great weekend!


brian stout said...

i think it looks good.. i wouldn't have guessed it was a model without you saying so!

Brad Myers said...

I like it also Woody and until reading your post I thought it was real. It was not until I made it larger and looked closer that I could see the water/stand on the sides. I suck at removing or cloning out, that is why I just let things in.

It took some time for me to learn but I finally realized that I do not take photos for other peoples approval. I do this because it is fun and what I like to do. In the end I am the only one that needs to be happy with my photos.