Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Center City Lancaster...

Hey Everyone,

Hope your week is going good. These photos were taken right at the heart of Lancaster City in the historic area.

The first photo is of Central Market. I believe it's one of the oldest operating markets today.

The second photo is of the Solders and Sailors Monument. One of the more historic moments that I know of is John F Kennedy spoke in front of the monument giving a campaign speech and Lancaster was one of his stops in this area. The famed facade of the Watt and Shand building is in the background.

The third photo is of the controversial Lancaster Convention Center. It was held up in court for many years before it was finally cleared to start construction. They are now in the finishing stages and it is due to open I belive in March.

With the new things I learned from Brad Myers, I worked on these photos for about an hour applying what I learned in photoshop. I was pretty happy with the results..

Hope your week is going well!



laurettalynne said...

Hi Woody, I do enjoy your pictures a lot! The Lancaster County Convention Center and the Marriott will be open April 21, 2009.
Laurie Watson

2sweetnsaxy said...

I like historic buildings. These are great. :-)

Jim said...

I like the Solders and Sailors Monument, looks pretty big.

Sue said...

Hi Woody, I found you through your comment on another blog post. I am just learning, too, and have a new camera I'm learning to operate. I considered SLR, but decided to get a Cannon PowerShot SX10, because it wasn't as expensive.

I like all your photos on this page, but am commenting on these because I love the old buildings. Just this morning, I took some pics in the historic area of our downtown. My batteries went dead before I thought I was finished, so I just had to enjoy my coffee with my husband and get online to read my email and look at Skywatch pics. :o)

Have fun!

rlcphotos said...

Hi Woody,,,our daughter lives in Lancaster and we live at the other end...Close to Indiana , Pa. I have done some photography in your area at times. I would really like to go through Manheim and spend some time photographing that place. Maybe some time in the near future we could do that, you could be like a guide to the insane one lol