Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get The Tracks Plowed...

Hey Everyone,

I know this is a SWF day, but I had absolutely nothing at all for prepared for today. So, I am going to show more of some of the trains that I photographed at the museum for today and hopefully, get back to SWF next week.

I thought this was the most unique train car I have ever seen. This was the first I ever knew they even had a train car like this back in the day.

You can click on the top photo to read more about the history of the car. The car was used mainly in Northern Pennsylvania and was known as the C&PA SnowPlow which was used on a 32 mile shortline track. It is believed that this snowplow is the oldest one in existence of it's kind.

Who says you can't learn something new everyday..

I hope your week is going well...



Jim said...

Very cool, looks like it could be from a sci-fi movie. I never knew they needed a plow for train tracks.

Anonymous said...

you obviously never seen a rotoray plow then. picture a snow thrower on rails in your head.