Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tis the season...

Hey everyone,

Hope your having a good week. I think I was/am having the same week that some of my other fellow bloggers were having and that is not having anything to say at all with some of the photos. Today's photo was taken behind a local resort. My wife was in the mood for their chicken and waffles dinner(If you ever come to Lancaster, let me know and I'll hook you up with all the great places to eat and places to visit)

This is to the rear of their restaurant, where they have a walking path along a pond and a golf course. It's actually pretty nice, so I was kind looking at the area thinking about it and decided to shoot a few photos and this one I worked in photoshop for about 30 minutes.

One question I have for the experianced photographers. When you are shooting, do you prefer Jpeg or Raw?? I'm curious as to what everyone thinks, I've heard a couple different opinions and I'd like to hear yours..

Now, I am going to be trying something new with my photography. I have decided to try and sell some of my images on the side. I have thought long and hard about doing it and I decided to go for it. One of the reasons is I have gotten alot of good feedback from you folks since I have started this blog to which I appreciate it very much. I've also gotten my share of constructive criticism which I also appreciate because it has made me a better photographer. Now, If all the feedback I have received would have been, "you suck, throw your camera away..etc.etc." I would not even attempt to sell any of my images.

Is it a risk?? Absolutley, but life's not worth living unless you take a risk now and then right??

I have created a generic website. Here is the link; woody911.dotphoto.com, you can copy and paste it in your browser and I have also created a link to it under sites I like under Woody Woodward Photography. Please bear with me as I have just created it and as I get time, I will be adding images to it.

Let me know what you think..

Have a great week!!


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