Friday, September 5, 2008

Field Communications...

Hey all,

TGIF!! This will be brief as I only got 4 hours sleep and just got home from work. I was not sure what to post today. By the way, Sorry I logged onto Skywatch so late, I thought I could do it in the AM and when you could sign on, I was already at work. I am on now, so please feel free to leave any comments on any photos.

Anyhow, these two photos were taken at a terrorism drill earlier in the summer. They are the field communication units from our neighboring counties that surround Lancaster. The first one is the Derry Township Police FCU from Hershey, Dauphin County and the second one is the York Mobile Command Unit from the York 9-1-1 Center In York County. They were gracious enough to come over and assist our Field Communications Unit during this operation.

Allright folks, time to hit the rack. Have a great weekend! Hopefully we won't get flooded out by Hanna as We were planning to go to a baseball game Saturday night. That is up in the air right now.

Stay Safe and thanks for visitng my blog..


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AphotoAday said...

Keep those field communications up and running, good buddy...