Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fire Showing 13th Floor..

Hey All,

So I decided to post some photos from a fire I witnessed in Brooklyn NY a few years ago. These photos were shot with my old Sony Cybershot Point and Shoot.

I went up with a bunch of friends from another firehouse to the FDNY for the day. We visited Rescue 5, Special OPS, and other firehouses. This was our stop to Rescue 2. I have to say though, all the guys in the houses were fantastic and great hosts.

The Rescue was just coming back from another run and pulled up in front of the firehouse. The captain knew my friend who organized the trip and just opened the door when the Rescue got another run. Where Rescue 2 is located, is not in the safest neighborhood, day or night. So the Captain has us wait inside the house till they got back.

The Rescue just came back when they got put out on another run. The Rescue takes off and I watch them, they go one block and pull the rig off to the side and the crew bails out and they are running full sprint towards a building. I said to my buddy, I think the run is down here, let's walk down and watch. So we gather our group and start walking.

I turned on my scanner that I brought along and turned it to the Brooklyn Frequency and this is the transmission I hear, "Brooklyn to the 38th Battalion, getting numerous reports of people trapped above the fire floor" I said to my friend, "I think they have a job and it's somewhere in this block" He agreed and about that time, we both just looked at each other as we smelled a very strong odor of smoke.

My friend said to me, he was going to go around to the back and I said I'll check the front of the highrise we came upon where the rig was parked. There was no signs of fire or smoke from the front side, but my friend walked around to the back side and yelled for me to get my rear back there.

I came running around back and fire was visible out the 13th floor of this highrise.

It was a learning experiance watching the FDNY in action. The guys from Rescue 2 were operating by themselves for several minutes before any other rigs arrived.

If I remember correctly, If the Rescue Company arrives first, they assume the role of the first due truck company and do search and rescue and attempt to contain the fire untill the engine arrives.

Folks, Tomorrow is the 7th anniversary of the worst attack on the USA and one of the darkest days in the history of the Fire Service. Never forget the sacrifices those brave men and women made on that fatefull day.

God Bless The 343.

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Bradley Myers said...

Looks like it was a great time, wish I was there.