Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mothers Day 2007...

Hey All,

Another one from the archives. This photo was taken back on Mothers Day Morning 2007
I was a brand new dad, having just gone back to work after a month off. A call comes in for a trash can on fire to the rear of a local pizza shop in the village of Neffsville. So we dispatch a single engine out for a trash fire. I take a second call back from the same female asking if we have the FD on the way. I told her yes, they should be arriving shortly and I asked her if anything has changed, she said yes, fire is now blowing out the window of the building. So I dispatch the 1st alarm structure assignment for a working fire and then my shift was over. So of course I had to detour on the way home and got some photos. My wife was not happy for having to get up with Wyatt, but I have a very loving and understanding wife. : )

As you can see, fire vented through the roof and went to a second alarm shortly after.

Have a good morning, see you all for SWF!


and no one was hurt by the way..


fishing guy said...

Woody: What an amazing capture of the flames at full force. you captured them beautifully.

Anonymous said...

amazing and very hard work. thank you for your visit and kind comment

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow, what a great capture of that flame! Awesome shot!