Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lebanon Structure Fire...

Hey Everyone,
Here are some more photos from the fire in Lebanon County. The first two are apparatus shots that I took as I was leaving. The 3rd photo was an overall scene shot and the last two are firefighters opening up the wall to find hidden fire and to extinguish it.
I've never intended for this to become a Emergency Services Photo Blog so to speak. My goal as Brad Myers has stated on his posts, is not to glorify the diaster or emergency but to show the general public the dangers and hazards the FD faces on a daily basis.
One of these days I will get out and shoot some new stuff, but I do appreciate those that visit and follow my blog or leave comments.
Have a great day!

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Hydrant girl said...

I've never noticed that it's the Chocolatetown Express from the Hershey fire department. Now I want a Kit Kat