Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mascot's and Baseball...

Hey everyone,
I hope your week has been good. These were taken at the Lancaster Barnstormers FanFest 2010 at Clipper Stadium. It's a free event with free food and other acitivites and this year, they were going to be playing the Camden Riversharks in a exhibiton game for free.
Hey, free is good so I took Wyatt down to the ballpark which is only about 10 minutes from my house. The first mascot Wyatt see's is Cylo from the Barnstormers. He then posed with the Camden RiverShark Mascot. I think that one was his favorite.
He then posed with a bear. After Wyatt was done, we started to walk to the playground when they announced that due to field conditions. The game was cancelled but they were going to hold batting practice. They were allowing fans down onto the field so I took Wyatt down and let him run for a little bit.
I tried to get him to look at me in the photo with the scoreboard but something else had his attention. I am not really sure what the fasination was with the Storming Red display in the outfield but for some reason he liked it.
The weather then got really crappy so we left. We'll be back soon enough when the weather gets warm and we can see some games.
Time for bed, have a great day!

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Brad Myers said...

I like the first photo the way it is Woody. And get used to him looking the other way and walking away from you, it happens. Now that mine is almost 14 it is getting worse, just keep reminding him that you have the money.