Monday, April 5, 2010

More from Lancaster City...

Hello everyone,
Yes I am back. Before I post about the fire, I would like to address one thing. I've gotten emails and messages from people who follow my blog that keep asking me why the lack of activity lately and am I going to continue. While I appreciate the kind words, there is only one person who is a fellow blogger but also a good friend to me who knows what it is going on with me and no disrespect to anyone, but I am going to keep it that way. And to answer part of the question, Yes I will be continuing the blog for as long as possible..
Now, about the fire. The top photo is crew members from Lancaster City Engine 2 and Engine 3 spraying down the reminants of what was burning to make sure there won't be a rekindle of any fire. The bottom photo is of Lancaster City Engine 2 and Truck 1 on the front side of the building.
That is all for now, have a great day!

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Brad Myers said...

Woody, I hope you are feeling well. My next tour starts Tuesday morning, two daylights followed by Thursday and Friday night.

Armed forced day at the Army Heritage Center is May 14,15,16. I will be going Saturday the 16TH.