Thursday, April 15, 2010

Structure Collapse in Lancaster City...

The top photo is looking south on Queen Street Towards the collapse site. The bus you see is an RRTA Bus that was heading north on Queen Street as the collapse happened. The driver saw the building collapsing and tried to veer away from the debris. Ten Passengers were on the bus, fortunatley all had minor injuries.
The next photo is taken on Chestnut Street just before the intersection of Queen Street looking east. The building was vacant and I believe was in the process of being renovated.

This photo is of Rescue 6-5 from the Millersville Fire Company. They are part of the Lancaster County Rescue TaskForce and are specialists in Building Collapse.

This is a photo of the Lancaster City Fire Department Command Post. Battalion Chief 2 Brian Klugh is the incident commander being assisted by Chief 1 Tim Gregg, who is the chief of the department.

This is the crew from City Engine 1 who is in the staging area at this time awaiting for an assignment.
I will continue more with this incident tomorrow. As of this time, the remainder of the building is being demolished..
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