Friday, April 16, 2010

More Structure Collapse Photos From Lancaster City..

More From Lancaster City. The above photo is a meeting at the CP. The Task Force Team Leader is meeting with the two search dog handlers. One being from the Lancaster County Rescue TaskForce and the other from Harrisburg Bureau Of Fire Department(I would assume PATF1?? Brad or Brian, feel free to correct me If that is not correct) There was a concern there were people possibly trapped who were on the sidewalk when the collapse occured. Fortunatly, there was nobody found.
This photo is one of the task force team members reviewing a diagram of the overall incident scene on which buildings were evacuated.

One of the task force team members monitoring the building with a transit. Basically, my understanding of the device. It is like a scope, you set the device to mark a certain section of the building with crosshairs and you monitor to see if there is any movement. These type of calls are very long and can be manpower intensvive, especially if there is a life hazard issue. The biggest concern is the safety to the first responders and the public. The second concern is to be aware of the possiblity of a secondary collapse. The decision was made at the scene that the building needed to be brought down in a controlled manner for everyone's safety.

Thanks to a friend of mine who works in the County Engineers Office, he was able to get me roof top access so I could shoot some aerial shots of the scene. This is 7 stories up, looking towards the north of the city.

Here is another aerial shot. If you look to the right, next to the Village NightClub on Water Street, is the back of the former Public Safety building which was shared by the city police and fire departments. This used to be Fire Station 5 which was Fire Headquarters at the time.

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Brad Myers said...

You are right Woody, that is Lt. Jim Mchenry, Squad 8, C Battallion. Good series of photos and great nearative to go with them. I checked them out the other day at work on my itouch right after you sent them. Keep up the good work and take care, Brad.