Thursday, April 22, 2010


Fire Department Mount Joy Apparatus parked at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center. FDMJ Members were practicing Firefighter Survival Skills by doing bailouts
East Petersburg Fire Company members doing some pump training on their new Engine 2-3-1

Members from the Brickerville Fire Company doing car fire scenarios

FDMJ member practicing a bailout

Deputy Chief from East Petersburg reviewing pump operations with newer members
I would have had some photos of my department but as I was walking up, we were dispatched for an automatic fire alarm and they left to run that. So I decided to get some photos of the other departments that were there training. Now that the weather is getting better, many departments are starting to take advantage of it.
You may have noticed that I put my words in between the photos again. I like how that seems to flow so I plan on doing that more often.
Have a great day!

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As always great pics