Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fire Trucks and Trains

Well, for some reason today I can only upload one image and I even had problems getting this one uploaded. Has anyone else had any problems??

I was at home yesterday when a neighboring department was dispatched and operating at a water rescue on the Susquehanna River. I called a friend of mine from that department to see if he was on the call, he was and asked me to come down and take some photos. This is the only photo I could get uploaded. I learned something new about crews that operate trains, they can only work for 12 hours and once the 12 hour shift is up, they stop the train where it's at and Norfolk Southern sends a van out to get the crew and they leave. The train stays running untill the next crew arrives and gets the train. Where this is at though is behind about 5 houses right at a local boat launch. I don't know If I could put up with listening to a train sitting at idle for 12 hours, but I'm sure these folks are probably used to it.

Stay Safe,


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Bradley Myers said...

I didn't have any problems posting today Woody. Sometimes blogger can be a pain to get hings right, I just keep trying.