Friday, May 23, 2008

The Lone Fireman

Sorry for the double post before on Thursday, I actually thought that would put it into Friday.

Anyway, so I decided to post this photo.

This was taken with a Sony Cybershot. I actually won an honarable mention in a contest with this photo.

This was taken at a general alarm fire In Lebanon County at the old Alcoa Plant back In 2006. I believe this was in South Lebanon Township. I had just finished work the night before and was still sleeping when a friend of mine who lives In York County, just outside of Red Lion called me and asked me If I was going to the fire to take photos. I inquired where the fire was at and he told me. I originally said no, thats a little far. He then told me to step outside and look north as he could see the header. So while I was on the phone with him, I walked out to my back deck of my house and looked north and sure enough, I had no problem seeing the header from my house. Now from where I live In Millersville to where this fire was at, Is about 30 miles away. I grabbed my camera and started to head to Lebanon. When I left, they had just got done striking the 5th alarm. When I arrived about 45-50 Minutes later, they were dispatching the Lebanon County General Alarm Assignment. What that means is Lebco dispatches every single company in the county for all available manpower and equipment to report to the scene.

The Firefighter in the photo is actually a good friend of mine and a coworker. He was the chauffer on the first arriving ladder truck. He told me when he turned the corner, The entire back wall where you see smoke in the photo was nothing but a wall of fire.

As I walked around the scene, I believe I counted at least 9 or 10 trucks set up on different sides along with numerous tankers, engines and other rigs..

Hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend!!
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Bradley Myers said...

You are getting there young grasshopper, I see you learned how to resize the photos and I see the links are fixed. Nobody is as stupid on these machines as I am and I figured it out, it just takes a little playing around. Fires we need fires to photograph.

Brian Bastinelli said...

I know I am a few days late here but I wanted to say that I really like this image.

I like simple images that have a lot of negative space in them and this seems to fit that bill nicely.

Good job!