Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Truck

So I decided to post on a Saturday today. This photo is of the very first truck I ever rode and caught alot of my first fires with and fell in love with being a truckie and being on the truck. The truck is a 1986 CF Mack LTI 75 FT ladder. It belonged to the Lafayette Fire Company where it was one of the busiest pieces in the area for 21 years untill Lafayette received their new ladder truck. The photo here shows the truck acting in a reserve capacity for the Rohrerstown Fire Company for a few months till they received their new ladder truck. It was kind of Ironic though, In the last several months before the truck left Lafayette and Rohrerstown, It caught more fire duty between the two departments then it did probably in the last two years. It seemed like the old girl was saying "I'm not going out without a fight, I'm not done yet" Man, I do miss that truck. If you can't tell, I am also a huge Mack fan and I am still In mourning since the day Mack decided to stop making the greatest fire truck on earth.

I think this coming week, I'll post a few more photos of truck companies at work..

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